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We are happy to hear from you. If you have an idea that buzz our readers, then you are welcome. You want to become part of a small group of elite guest bloggers on one of the best-loved and most engaged blogs for writers on the Internet.

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How we can help:- If you have an awesome idea that benefits both of us. Send us an email with the subject line “Write for us” then roll on your idea!

Article Guideline:-

Unique Content:-

Avoid any content that is thin. We scan your articles to make sure it’s never been printed anywhere else on the net. Copy or Duplicate content may spoil both websites, so better to prevent this issue.

Word Count:-

On our website, each article investigates elaborately in such a manner that our subscribers or readers get the majority of the info. This way we aren’t bound to think in the brief article. Attempt and write in at least 400 words having a meaningful way and incorporating the appropriate resource.

Social Share:-

If you write a post accepted, the expectations are you will discuss it anywhere, just as well. When you publish an application to this website, you agree to discuss it on your social networking accounts.

Content Copyrights:-

As your Article has been published on PrPostBlog, it becomes the property of PrPostBlog.com.

In short: You’re the author, but you’re giving over ownership to us.


Provide high-resolution copyright-free JPG, jpeg, PNG format images along with your article. Should you use copyrighted graphics, then you have to declare the credit as well as an image resource.

Additionally, there are useful sites with free images like Pixabay. Please make sure pictures are smaller than 1000 x 1000. Here is a link to get an easy-to-use site to resize images: PicResize

Writing Style:-

  • We also need the structural characteristic of every sentence. We prioritize very good readability of every article also.
  • Your article has to be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • It should keep paragraphs short.
  • It should break up sections using H2, H3, or H4 headings (like I’m doing on this blog). This helps clarity.

How to Submit:-

If your idea was approved – get to writing! The sooner you submit, the sooner I’ll publish.

Submit your contribution in a Google Doc or – send it to us and make sure I have editing privileges. I’ll take it from there.

Mail Id:- prpostblog2312@gmail.com