Whether it’s the first time you’re hosting Thanksgiving, or you’ve been doing this for years, one thing is for sure, and it can be overwhelming. The planning, preparing menus, the décor, coordinating friends and relatives, name it. There’s just much work involved. 

There’s too much on the plate before it gets to other people’s plates. 

This article takes on the menu issue in a thanksgiving, something that can quickly suck your energy. It gives a dozen ideas on different menus that you can prepare that day. So, if you feel overwhelmed, sit and relax and read to the end.

For The Grill-Lovers

Most people think grilling is for the warm weather, but Thanksgiving is a great time to break the Weber. Those wood chips have lots of impact on the flavor of the Turkey meat. And your over is freed up so you can prepare other side dishes like cornbread and potatoes. 

The main course here will be: Grilled citrus and Spice Turkey

The sides can be: Brussels sprouts salad, skillet cornbread with honey

Ginger pumpkin pie, salted caramel, and apple slab pie.

The Classic Menu

Are you a traditionalist? Then the classic menu is all you want on your Thanksgiving. Here you’ve got an opportunity to serve what you enjoy, like the entrees, starters, and sides you’ve looked forward to. These are ‘tried and true’ delicacies which have been upgraded to ensure maximum deliciousness. You can be sure your family and friends will love this. Don’t be surprised if they clear the tables before time and you’ve to go back to the kitchen- so prepare enough and budget for a higher number than expected. 

The menu here will look like this;

Main course: Seasoned roasted turkey served with some white wine 

Sides: Composed Waldorf salad, Corn salad with Bacon, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Sweet potato casserole, and parker house rolls.

Dessert: Fruit and Nut Trifle, Pecan slab pie. 

Decadent Menu

Thanksgiving comes once a year, and therefore you don’t have to worry about your diet- just for this day, you can let loose on the butter, cheese, and those hearty sides. The menu encompasses the most seasonal flavors. From some amped-up squash dish with goat cheese and the Hassel black potato gratin, don’t be surprised if your guests leave the table with some buttons undone. 

The menu will look something like this;

Starter: Herbed Cheese ball

Main course:  Butter and Herb Roast Turkey

Sides: Scalloped Oysters, Hassel back Potato Gratin, roasted squash, some cheese, and poached cranberries

Dessert: Cranberry Tart

The Vegetarian Menu

Without a vegetarian menu, the entire Thanksgiving would be one-sided. Thanksgiving is about bringing everyone together, including those who do not have a taste for ‘meaty things.’ The vegetarian menu allows everyone to enjoy, and even if you’re a ‘meat’ diehard, you may ditch it and opt for the classic vegetarian dishes. It gives you that feeling of the ‘no-meat world.’

The menu will look like this;

Starters: Corn fritters, Strawberry toast, and Ricotta

Main course: Turkey Roast and some mushroom Gravy

Sides: Ricotta mashed potatoes, Pepper Jack corn muffins, Anchor steam Mac and Cheese and tomato with herb butter.

Desserts: Apple Blossom Tart and fall apple cranberry pie

When preparing for Thanksgiving, the menu is the most important. You, therefore, have to make sure it’s all-encompassing. Those that are pro-meat and anti-meat should be treated to their special menu. 

Think also of the best dessert recipes that will crown your meals. Every part of the menu is essential, and so you’ve to take time, anticipate the kind of guests you expect, then put everything together to cater to their unique needs.

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