When it comes to packing your kid’s room, don’t be a perfectionist. It’s better to leave out some smaller items you might not need right away rather than endlessly rummaging through boxes for the things your kids will surely miss.

Below is a comprehensive list to help you when packing your kid’s room:

A. Keep

These are the items you don’t want to forget at all costs. Be sure to place these things first in your shipping box so you can access them quickly and easily.

  • Clothes (with unique accessories like shoes, winter coats, etc.)
  • Schoolbooks (or notebooks that have notes or writing inside)
  • Important toys (that you will give to your kids as soon as they arrive, like stuffed animals or special figurines)
  • Games (a board or card games can be placed in a game box for easy unpacking)
  • Crayons and memorabilia (items with sentimental value like drawings)

B. Maybe Keep/Maybe Toss

These items are unnecessary, but you might want to save them depending on your current situation.

  • Close-toed shoes (if you are moving in winter)
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves
  • Belts, ties, and outerwear for special occasions
  • Workout clothing (if your move is during the off-season or you will be working out in the new area)
  • Backpacks (if you’re planning to go backpacking with your kids upon arriving at your destination)

C. Throw Away

You know these things will take up too much space or that your kids definitely won’t need anymore.

  • Clothes they’ve grown out of/stained/ripped/etc.
  • Toys they’ve outgrown or don’t play with anymore
  • School supplies no longer in use (like old folders, notebooks, etc.)
  • Shoes that are too small to wear comfortably
  • Items for special occasions will never be used again (like party dresses, suits, etc.)

D. Box It Up

Be sure to place items in boxes that are specifically marked “kitchen,” “bathroom,” and so on, so you know exactly where everything goes when it’s time to unpack. Place labels on any boxes for things like “master bedroom” and the room they’re going in. If your kids have already left for college or moved out, place their names on these boxes, and you know that they’re the only things that should go in them.

  • Documents (like passports and birth certificates)
  • Keys (to your new home and any storage units)
  • Belongings of family members who aren’t moving with you (if you’ve received permission from them to take their items)
  • Expired or soon-to-be-expired medications

E. Questions to Ask Yourself

Organizing your kid’s room can be stressful, so make sure you ask yourself these questions before calling the moving company and packing up all of their things:

  • Is this something my kids need immediately when they arrive in our new home? If not, should you take it?
  • When was the kids’ last time with the toy or used this school supply? If so, can you let go of it?
  • Is this clothing clean, and does it fit my kids well? If not, is there someone else who might need this more than them right now (like a relative or a charity)?


Taking note of these questions will help you go through your kid’s things without feeling too overwhelmed. Be sure to include the “Keep,” “Maybe Keep/Maybe Toss,” and “Throw Away” categories when deciding whether or not to keep something or let it go.

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