The sun is high, and the kids are longing to go out to play.Do not be surprised to find your toddler running with their birth-suits to bask in the sun. While this may bring some fun and laughter for the moment, it is not the best way to maximize the sunlight.

Dress your kids to suit the season. This read will help you buy the classic children clothing for summer that will keep your kids protected and lovely.

1. Cotton Fabric is the best

Watch out for the risk of overheating associated with summer sun! Cotton is a good absorbent helping to keep the body dry and cool. Go for loose-fitting 100% cotton outfits.

Because of the absorbent quality, cotton allows free circulation of air, allowing sweat to evaporate. Try lightweight cotton clothes for the best result. It does not irritate the skin making it ideal for toddlers, tweens, and teens.

Explore fascinating colors and trendy styles for baby girls dresses but keep layered outfits away for now.  Try sleeveless knit dresses, or floral girl dresses for comfort and fashion.

Try shortall for warmer summer days. If you have newborns, there’s a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from in the market. For instance, a baby boy shortall exposes the upper part of the legs to maximum sunlight and keeps the toddler comfortable.

2. Check your Layering

Layering is an excellent way of keeping warm but not during summer. Go for simple clothing pieces that cover the skin without placing too much weight. However, if you must, wear layers that are easy to remove.

As a minimum, go for base layers made from absorbent blended fabric. Vests, pants, and tank tops

3. Buy a sunhat and sunglasses

Shop for sun hats with at least 4-inch-brim to cover your kid’s faces and ears. If you can find one to cover the ears or ties under the chin, your kid will be all protected. However, ensure the straps are not too long because they can turn into a hazard. Anything beyond six inches can give your child the idea of tying it around the neck.

Top up the look with cute,trendy sunglasses to protect your kid against strong ultraviolet rays. Buy sunglasses with 100% UV and UVB protection. A kid’s maturity or preference may influence how long they wear the glasses.

You can secure them in place by tying an elastic band at the back. A better option is to always have your sunglasses on so they can imitate you.

4. Cover your toddler while in the pool or beach

Summer would not be summer if swimming is not on the list. Consequently, a swimsuit for summer is a must outfit for your young ones. For adequate sun protection while on the beach or pool, slip a trendy top over your toddler’s swimwear.

 Purchase girls swimwear with UV protection to keep them from overheating and skin damage. UV-protected swimsuits keep your child’s sensitive skin from harsh rays as they play in the water. On the other hand, you can opt for regular swimwear to cover the entire body.

 Complete the swimwear with appropriate goggles to keep chlorinated water away from their tiny eyes. High-quality goggles should have sufficient padding around the eyes and have adjustable tightness for comfort.

Parting Shot

Summer offers an opportunity for the kids to play and look cool, classic, and trendy. Enjoy every moment with each of them by taking the time to choose the best outfit for comfort and protection.

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