When selling you need higher bargaining power and the top value from the sale. The only way to achieve both is by preparing the car for the sale. You might have to do some cleaning and assemble records to get the car ready.

Here are some of the detailed tips to help you get the car ready for selling. 

1. Clean the car

The first impression matters when it comes to making sales for a car.  A clean car looks more presentable and attractive. Take time to clean both the inside and the outside of the car. 

Wash the car as you remove dust, dirt, and debris from the painted surfaces. Look for  Nexgen ceramic spray to help polish the car finishes. Don’t forget the windows and the door jam as they stand out when someone enters the car.

Clean up the cabin as you remove untidy mats and other foreign particles. Most car buyers tend to concentrate on the dashboard, giving it more attention when cleaning. Don’t forget the car boot and get rid of any car smell.

2. To repair or not to repair 

For some car owners, repairing a car in case of damage is costly. Yet, given the money you are likely to lose due to the damages, you are better off repairing. Inspect the car for possible damages to the lights, wipers, and other car parts. Also, ensure all fluids in the car are in the right condition and topped up. The tires and all other mechanical bits must also be in the right condition.

If you notice any damage or scratches, have them fixed. Minor dents, scratches, and any other damage can put off a prospective buyer. For the minor scratches, you only need Adams ceramic coating to get everything working again. 

3. Gather all the paperwork 

Buying a car is more than just getting a moving vehicle. The buyer needs documents to ascertain ownership, service, and other car changes or repairs details. The presence of all documents helps increase the car’s value. It also gives the buyer confidence that they are purchasing a well-maintained car that will not be a problem for them in the near future. 

4. Don’t forget the little extras 

If you are after selling your car quickly then you must think like a buyer. You have to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to determine what they need to improve your chances of sealing the deal. 

Get rid of any modifications that might not reduce the value of the car. Introduce a fresh scent if possible. Also, remove stickers and other personal touches on the car. Use Car Pro Reload to remove any marks that might still be left on the car.

5. Detail the car 

Cleaning and repairing the car might not be enough to get you the best returns. Invest in detailing the car to help you negotiate for higher prices. Restore the seats and mats as almost close to their original condition. You can also decide on ceramic coating vs wax for the one to use on the paint job. Look for a professional if you don’t have the time to detail the car. 

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